Indoor Pools at Iridium Spa - An aquatic sanctuary

Iridium Spa has three indoor relaxation pools, ranging between 9.5 and 16 square-meters, with a depth of 130 centimeters (4.2 feet).


Featuring smooth marble walls and mosaic or marble floors, the pools boast soft candlelight and a shared lounge area populated by inviting couches and coffee tables. A decorative waterfall adds to the soothing space, while the spa’s Tea Bar presents a nourishing menu of teas, fruits, and salads. In-room dining options are available upon request.


Separate male and female locker facilities are available.


Indoor Swimming Pools


Maximum Depth: 1.29 meters/4.23 feet
Minimum Depth: 1.29 meters/4.23 feet
Size: 15.0 sq. meters/161.0 sq. feet
Heated: Yes
Salt Water: No
Hours: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM